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Historic Pelzer SC USA
Enhancing Historic Connections
Who We Are
President's Message

Welcome to Historic Pelzer, South Carolina online. We invite you to explore and learn more of Pelzer, SC history by studying our founded website. We trust that you will learn something new and leave with a greater awareness and appreciation of our state, national, and global history.

The Community of Pelzer Historical Society is a non profit organization that actively participates in providing for a better quality of life in the Pelzer community. This success is achieved specifically through enhancing historic connections and arousing interest in such matters. We accomplish this benefit through our maintained oral history program, recurring history presentation program "Memories By the Fireside", involvement in outreach, and ensuring the monitored preservation of Pelzer archives and artifacts.
We also offer membership opportunities and investment benefits at different levels for you and your business. Do you like to engage in current community issues from a historical preservation perspective? Contact us today!

Physical Address:  2435 E North St  Suite 1108 Greenville, SC 29615-1442

Mailing Address:  2435 E. North St. Box 332  Greenville, SC 29615-1442

Oral Histories

What is an oral history?


  • An oral history is a recording of historical information designed to preserve the knowledge of an individual for future generations and contribute to the further understanding of a historical account in its context. An oral history is a way to allow for fresh insights and perspectives in a historical record and help to fill in any gaps that may be existing in those current historical records.

We, C.P.H.S,  inform our Interviewees of the potential uses of the collected material and provide a release form to be filled out. The filled out form grants us the opportunity to make this information available to students and scholars. We only accept oral history interviews when we are able to provide for their appropriate care and proper storage. We offer this oral history program on a continuous basis and provide on site visits.

Do you have memories or recollections that you would like to see preserved for our future generations? Contact us today!

Memories By the Fireside

  • Memories By the Fireside is our recurring history presentation program hosted every other year while it's up and running. The MBTF program is designed to gather the collective knowledge of Pelzer, SC residents and preserve it for future generations. Each month during the program an event happens to celebrate a part of Pelzer, South Carolina history. Some examples of celebration themes include textile sports, merchants, churches, and the Pelzer Mills. This program is free and open to the public.

"Friday night, May 4. I was privileged to have a history lesson I will never forget. Memories By the Fireside: The Historic Pelzer Gym and Textile Sports was a special time to look back at the history of textile sports with Thomas K. Perry, Mac Kirkpatrick, and Bradley Sauls....I was amazed at some of the athletes that were there on Friday. When the old pictures would come up on the screen, they would start naming off everyone from 60 and 80 years ago. Textile athletes were every bit as good as professional athletes back then...the rivalries were heated and the memories of these athletes will never be lost. Hats off to the Pelzer Historic Society for sponsoring this event...."--Mark Rhodes


  • We support outreach through our various events and happenings and are always ready to join hands with those that support our goals and values in the community. One of our most significant strengths is the fact that we are able to work with individuals of varied background. For example, we often coordinate with colleges, universities, historians, amateur historians, businesses, libraries, authors, residents, churches, professors, teachers, government, preservationists, genealogists, historic societies, and tourism groups. Examples of other non profit organizations and groups we have given back to monetarily include:

South Carolina Department of Archives and History

Historic Rock Hill

West Pelzer Fire Department

Historic Second Presbyterian Church of Charleston, SC

Please contact us to learn how you may become involved!




Historic Preservation

We provide for the preservation of Pelzer SC archives and artifacts. Gaylord Bros., Inc. currently serves our historic preservation material needs.

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